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07-16-21: Yamaha Grizzly 660 Stator Repair.

The electrical system on our 2004 Yamaha Grizzly has been deteriorating for probably more than a year now. We have finally neglected it to the point that it now longer works. The best I can tell is that it just needs a new stator, but I got a new water pump also since I had to take it off to get behind for the stator anyway.

The cooling system has been troublesome for a really long time. I actually pulled the thermostat long ago because I suspected in was stuck in a closed position.

Anyway, we finally got all the parts in: stator, rectifier, water pump, thermostat.

@William-Gregory and I got started pulling the side off and digging in to get to the stator.

Its a pretty straight forward tear down. We were pretty well versed in what we were getting into and have all the tools and supplies at the ready. Well, mostly. @William-Gregory did have to do some gopher-ing with my old fat ass stayed on the ground.

The only really problem so far is that I stripped out the screws that hold the stator on. I totally expected this and should have had them here already, but I didn’t. Now we have to wait.

No worries. We have plenty of other projects to do. The replacement screws should be Wednesday.