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09-08-20: Update.

It turned out to be a sadly uneventful day.

Shoeing horses without my rig was a bit hobbling, but I got my day done.

I showed up to my second stop of the day – my standing Wednesday appointment and…

Every. Single. Time.

There is almost never a time when I show up and this shoeing bay is left looking like the enemy attacked and the occupants had to run for their lives. Certainly not a big deal, but its unfortunate that these people aren’t taking themselves seriously.

Anyway, I only had a couple of horses to shoe at this place today and I was grateful to have an early day for once. Usually, my list is exhaustively long and full of terrors, lol. Sadly, this is a rare day and I suspect next week will be a long and tough day here again.

Oh, we did have a cast horse. A cast horse, if you don’t know is when one gets down in the stall close to the wall and doesn’t have enough room to get up. They get stuck. I can be a pretty bad deal. Anyway, the two women there had been trying to get him up for about half an hour and I didn’t even know about it. One of them came over while I was working on a horse and asked for another hand in trying to get him up.

Getting a horse up can be quite dangerous for the people and the horse. We were able to pull the thousand pound fellow from the wall eventually. It was kind of an interesting situation as the horse just laid there trying to sleep. Apparently, he had been out in the field all night and was super tired. Anyway, we finally got him pulled away from the wall and harassed him enough that he got up.

When I did get home, I still hadn’t heard about my truck from the shop so I called. Unfortunately, they hadn’t even gotten it into it yet.

So, here I sit, doing more computer work. I’m going to have to use the van again tomorrow.

Oh well.