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09-23-20: My Last Day Off.

Nothing beats the morning for me. It is and always has been my favorite time of the day. I like to get up well before the sun does, drink my coffee at the computer and be outside at dawn (when its nice out). This morning and recent mornings have been glorious. It has been that way my whole life.

Continuing work on the shop.

Last night I pulled a bunch of stuff out to clean and organize. Unfortunately, I desperately needed new vacuum filters, so I did order a couple, but they won’t be here until this afternoon or tonight. I don’t don’t go to the stores much anymore. Pretty much everything I buy is online these days.

Frankly, it saves me a ton of time. Even if I have to wait a day or so for the stuff to get here, I can do other things instead of run around.

As for the vacuum filter, it kind of put an end to the garage cleaning until the new ones get here this evening.

Still working on the garage.

I’m using our freshly rebuilt utility trailer.

I still have to put the sides and wheel wells on it, but its just about done now. Its a handy trailer because I can put the quad on it and then tow it with the quad. Pretty handy.

I’ll make a post about that soon. I wish it was done already and I could just link to it, but this is a new blog and I have to go back and create post for the past with the content I have.

After I got all these scrap pieces burned, I did some mowing and weed whacking around my wife’s goat pen. That should be about the last time we need to mow around here. Maybe one more time, but that is probably it.

Off for a hike.

Well, since I’m not working on the garage until this evening, we decided to spend the day on a hike at our local park.

Well, I see the filters are almost here, so off I go to pull everything off the shelves in the garage and continue cleaning.