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09/26-28/20: Blacklisted by Spaminator

I have looked over my account several times and I see now reason as to why I’m blacklisted. There is no plagiarism or spam. Mistakes happen, but I’m pretty annoyed by this. I have left an inquiry on their Discord server ( and I’m waiting for a reply.

Actually, signing into my other accounts, I see now that it has to do with my account. I have posted a couple of memes, and apparently they don’t like something about that.

Turns out it is of no real consequence. They down-voted a few posts, but I don’t see what the blacklist even does? It still makes me super annoyed. I’m selling a bunch of my crypto holdings and putting them into Hive now and I’m going to take a stand. Although they do good anti-abuse services, they do also go around acting like ass-hole cops and I’m not having it. Neither should you. I see that there are plenty of others that are being harassed as well for what looks to me like nothing. Further investigations are required.

Update: and @steelbak have been removed from the so-called blacklist. Also, this is now a multi-day post. Also, I managed to sell some of my holdings, but now I can’t transfer Hive off the exchange. I’m guessing due to the Hard Fork coming up.

On a more positive, non- Hive drama note-

I spent most of my time Saturday morning looking for tool chests and atv’s on Facebook marketplace. I also listed a couple of boxes of used and outdated horses shoes on there. Lots of people like them for arts and craft stuff. Its something I used to do as well, but since I don’t have a shop right now, I quite doing that. Maybe @William-Gregory will pick it up, if I could get him set up with a place to do it.

I wish OpenBazaar and other decentralized trading platforms were more popular. It would be super cool if @William-Gregory and/ or I could make some stuff and sell it (particularly for Hive and LBRY) so we could continue investing on our favorite platforms.

But that’s all the non-drama I have this time.

I spent a lot of Saturday and Sunday kicking the hornets nest, researching and rallying about my butt-hurt over being black-listed for what I believe is complete bull shit. I have been all over the interenet waking up my accounts and talking with lots of people, and selling my holdings for Hive.

Now I have to get the #MemeMonday competition going over at

I don’t expect a big turnout, as I have only had a day to get it going, but I do think it can be a ton of fun and can steam-roll from here to become a sizeable weekly event.

We shall see.