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09/30/20: Stuff and things.

This whole reboot of has already derailed my progress with the Precision Modeling Series I said I was going to do. Not a big deal, I’ll get time Friday and more upcoming. It’s always something, lol. At least this is a good and worthy speed bump, imo.

If I’m gonna bitch, its gonna be here.

Steelbak is my personal account/ blog. I have the ( account which I could use to talk about all of the horseshoeing stuff, but I’m not going to be complaining or talking about personal warts there, even if those warts have to do with shoeing. That is to be the “professional” side of things. All of my other accounts, (, @flyinghigher (, ( and the intended but not made yet DiggingDeeperFarm ( accounts will be intended to be a more clean and professional look than here.

This is just me doing what I do. This is where I pretty much let out whatever I feel like concerning my life and those other accounts.

And so, a little bitching…

I didn’t quit that shoeing account… yet.

This has really had me stressing lately. I really want to do the right thing for myself and for my business. Every once and a while I come across a situation where that thing is tough to figure out.

There is a certain client that I have a hard time sticking with, but just can’t seem to make myself quit. I have been working here for quite a while now, I think like ten years and I remember I didn’t even want to take this client on in the first place, so I made my initial conditions and price pretty high. Surprisingly (at the time) she took the offer. Come to find out, she pretty much had to because there weren’t many farriers to choose from.

Ten or so years later, that is even more true.

The decision to stay or go for me comes down to the shear amount of horses at this stable. This is easily among the biggest stables in the area. It does help pay the bill and I use the cash flow for many of my personal projects as well.

That same “too many horses” truth is a lot of why I want to quit all the time too. That ‘s a big fark’n list. Almost every week, I ask for the list ahead of time to make sure I’m prepared with supplies and schedule the time needed and when I show up there is almost always a hand full of more horses that are on the list.

Therefore, I’m always struggling to keep up.

These days there is another problem. It’s a long story, so I’ll try to make it quick and pictures would really help here, but the shear amount of large dogs there is ridiculous. Most stables have a few dogs and that is totally fine with me. Generally I care less than most people about shoeing horses with a few dogs around, but there are at least eight giant ass dogs and the “puppies” don’t have a clue as to how to behave around the horses. There are just too many of them anyway.

Yesterday, I spent the majority of my time and effort just telling them to go away. Its exhausting and I just want to do my work.

Heading home.

All was going smoothly until it wasn’t.

I have never seen this before: traffic was going along fine and a Sheriff helicopter was heading our way along side the Interstate at a fairly low altitude, slowed and turned around, heading back in the direction it came from.

I think they were doing whatever they were doing, probably about to land somewhere nearby (I think there is a cop shop somewhere right near where it was flying towards) and actually saw an accident and went back to get a closer look and call it in.

Traffic sat for about 40 mins as they did their thing. It didn’t look good at all. It looks like someone’s head hit the side window really hard and broke the window.

So scary. Even with modern cars and all the safety features they have, you just never know. I sure hope they are ok.

Playing around a bit

When I got home, the kids were out playing around with the quads. My daughter Brooke, who just got the Raptor 660 a couple of days ago is still getting comfortable with it. The clutch cable is definitely troublesome, so that isn’t helping. I ordered a new one and that will certainly help. It is really hard to pull and I tried to lube it, but that doesn’t seem to help.

I love my kids.

Making progress with our collection.

There are seven people in our house. Everyone wants to ride all the time, so we have to keep collecting atv’s for everyone. We are getting there. The next machine we need is a small dirt bike for the non grown ups. I’ve been thinking about the Yamaha TT 110. That looks perfect. The kids can ride it and it is made for adults as well. It’s a pit bike.