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10/11/20: Tools, more organizing and planning.

What started out as a very active and energetic weekend playing and riding yesterday is now a very unproductive and lazy Sunday. Here it is, 5:20pm and I haven’t really accomplished much more than an nap on the couch and another Star Trek movie as I work on this update.

I’m even so lazy I just ordered delivery from Chipotle instead of going 10 minutes to pick it up myself. I hardly ever do this.

I dread going to work tomorrow.

I’m working on it.

My goal these days is to get my garage set up to work on quads and dirt bikes – and also make stuff. At this time, I want to focus on farm and riding “stuff” to include kids Go-Carts. It has been a longer process to clean it out and reorganize it than I expected.

I’ve been going through tool lists and ordering what I need. Now I’m looking at mills, lathes and benders in order to make parts. I will have a lot more about that soon.

Updates on my accounts:

This week I hope to work on my accounts a lot more effectively. That said, mostly what I have is lame excuses.

As you may or may not know, this account @steelbak is my personal account, but I have more that I have separated out to try to keep them .

My main interest, but I am very hit or miss. I think what I need to do now is to start some projects concerning, well – other people’s projects. There is no end to the opportunities here. So many options, its hard to narrow down a starting point.

I have been capturing a lot of video, but not editing much. It takes more time than I have been putting in. I do have all the content though, so my goal is to get with it on that front.


On sabbatical. is all about content creation. This includes all the tools, such as audio/ video tools, websites, editing I’ve been considering retiring this account as I hadn’t done any work in this area until recently, but I really do love this stuff.


This is an account I started when I was all in on Steem. It was an effort to get Steem as a native currency on OpenBazaar. If I had the time and OpenBazaar was already in the trouble it seems it is, I would boot up the effort again for Hive.