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10/14-15/20: New quad project, early shoeing and more allergies.

Thursday afternoon

Our newest project is a Yamaha Blaster. It may be ugly today, but these things are legendary. It is the first ATV to complete the 6000 mile Paris to Dakar Rally. This thing is a ’95, has been sitting for 10 years, looks like it does and started on the first kick.

Last weekend I was trimming horses at one of my favorite client’s place and talking about our quad building endeavors that we seem to have dove head first into. She mentioned that they had an old Yamaha Blaster that they would be happy to give us. It had been sitting for a good 10 years and they had no use for it anymore so she just gave it to us!

Parts incoming. This will be a fun build.

Early Friday morning.

I’ve mentioned this a little bit already in my recent posts, but these days I have to take my daughter to the horse stable nearby at 7am for her to work, so I have been going straight to shoe some horses from there. It makes an early start, but I largely enjoy it.

For the longest time I have been starting at 9am. This gets me home an hour and a half or so earlier now and I really kind of like it.

So, the morning was a great start, but this afternoon I started having an “allergy attack”.

This is usually the end of my day, but today I have been able to deal with it by getting a shower and taking a Benadryl and a cup of coffee. I haven’t been exactly super productive, but here I am getting a simple post accomplished. Usually I would be passed out on the couch.

Now I’m off to work on some posts for I haven’t gotten mush done with that this week and I really want to get some projects going and contact some people to work with after the holidays.