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11-29-21: Had to Visit The Bike Shop

We had to go to the bike store to get some rim tape for @liljespy

He rebuilt a rim and I guess didn’t put any rim tape on the rim, so it popped a new tube.

Well, that’s as good an excuse as anything to go look at the fancy bikes at Mlford, Ohio’s Bishop’s Bicycles. When they are able to get some inventory, they have some really nice bikes there. It’s where I have bought my last couple of bikes that I am super happy with. @william-gregory is riding the bike I got from Bishop’s back in the mid ’90’s. That thing is so light and fun.

Anyway, I’m really curious about the pedal assisted and e-bikes that are coming out now. I’m thinking they may be more fun than ATV’s?

Indoor training machines are something I have always been curious about. I might look into this for some winter fitness. I know nothing about this stuff now, so some research is warranted.

Once we got back and the boys fixed the wheel on @liljespy bike, we went out and “played” the rest of the day.

My ToDo list…