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2012 Ford Focus Clutch replacement, Catalytic Converter and Whatever Else Comes Up.

Shuddering at low speed. Shop quoted $3800

This appears to be a common Focus and Fiesta problem. They share the same double clutch system. My research shows that all it probably really needs is to be pulled out and apart and clean up the electrical connections and the forks. The hard part is getting the clutch out and back in as it requires a lift and an engine hoist. Neither of which I have here.

I would love to get those things and probably will some time soon, but Ashley says she just doesn’t like it. It was a compromise in the first place.

We are going to sell it for hopefully $7k and she will put a bit more money in on something else.

We will list it on Car Guru, ebay, facebook marketplace…

The lift, engine hoist for the transmission and clutch tools would cost about what they are claiming the repair would cost, but of course then I could do more of them. I’m not sure if I have room to use an engine hoist in my garage.

Amazon auto tools list

This guy in the video below does these all the time, so I’m just going to try to follow his work.

The video below shows a bad seal.