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Fixing the Rumble: Replacing Bearings in a Ford Explorer

  • Hub Bolts: 90 ft-lbs
  • Caliper Mounting Bolts: 122 ft-lbs
  • Caliper Slide Pins: 52 ft-lbs.
  • Axle Nut: 184 ft-lbs.
  • Lug Nuts: 100 ft-lbs.

Welcome back to my journey in replacing the wheel bearings on my Ford Explorer. I’ve successfully tackled the driver side, but the passenger side hub presented a challenge – it’s stubbornly stuck.

Lug Nut Replacement

Close-up of a hand holding a damaged lug nut with visible cracks and distortion.
The Hidden Danger: Spotting the Signs of Lug Nut Failure

I noticed the lug nuts were in terrible shape – cracked and distorted. I first considered Dorman brand lug nuts at O’Reilly, but they didn’t meet my quality standards. Prioritizing safety and reliability, I found a better set on Amazon – DPAccessories 1/2-20 Chrome Lug Nuts.

New Hub Separation Technique:

For the stuck hub, I’m attempting an innovative approach I found on YouTube. After removing the hub bolts, I’ll reassemble everything, including the wheel, and use the vehicle’s weight to break the hub loose by carefully lowering it onto jack stands. It’s a smart, less forceful way to tackle this issue.

I’m under a time crunch to finish before Thursday for my wife and son. Stay tuned to see how this technique pans out and for my next steps in the maintenance process.