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Focus On Growth And Brand

I am Scott Gregory and Steelbak is my personal DIY blog with the intent to create open source DIY specific content for entertainment and education.

This is also my personal channel where I show how I’m using Farrier Services (day job), Flying-Higher (content creation, management and marketing), and DiggnDeeper (open source and decentralized index project) to realize my goal of blending all that into something that I think will be very unique and will also continue to build off each other in a natural way.

At this stage, these blogs are just me trying to get my act together so that I can do a lot better going forward. Its working. I’m getting there.

A Tough Morning of Shoeing Horses Reminds Me Why I Create Content

I’m telling you, I need out of that game – and fast. I spent the morning being practically tortured and these people are on their way out anyway. Horses and good shoeing clients are going away right before my eyes and as a result, conditions are getting to be terrible. This is all a very long story as to what is happening, but I’ve been watching this happen for a good decade or so. Right now might be the actual death of the horse industry.

I will go into that in much more detail over on Farrier Services, but this isn’t the time or place for that. I’m taking this as another reminder of just how much I need to put into my content creation goals.

This might be perfect timing. I’m ready and I have all the tools.

There is so much to do and so much potential here and this has to be the most interesting and fun way to spend my life building.

What I’m Doing About It

I’ve been freshening up on growth tactics for small accounts on YouTube and such. I’ve been through all this information, but its really good to get freshened up on it now. A few hours of freshening up really has helped me focus on the important stuff. It’s really easy to drift off mission.

One “smart” video per week – answer one question per week. That sounds challenging as hell now that I’m reminded what all goes into just a simple video or even post. This is actual hard work, but what could possibly be more fun and interesting than creating content that is what we are actually passionate about.

This “smart” video is different than vlog stuff or whatever, its more of an SEO builder.


I made the decision to do this full time and I’m showing up every day to create and polish my brand and content creation methods. I’m trying to blog daily as I polish things up. The blogging has been rather helpful to me. It’s something I find oddly satisfying. Once I get the dust off my video editing, I will most likely add a vlog.

The real content is being built now and will start coming out soon. I’m still in the dust off phase, it would appear. That’s ok. I’m willing to take my time and work out what I need to do a better job going forward.


I will start out doing most of the creation during the week and then use the weekend to do the editing with the hopes of putting out one good video per week on Monday morning.

That is not exactly what is happening yet. This last couple of weeks since I went full time is still largely just trying to get my act together. This is a big and expansive project for me and although it is is tad overwhelming to get started, I continue to get more confident that using all these channels in concert will be a really cool way to build my content creation goals.

My Daughter Organized Her Tools To Take To Her New Job

She is getting her stuff together for her brand new job as an aircraft mechanic at On Wing and GE.

Her first day was this past Monday but now its time for her to go through all her collection from school and Lone Mountain to bring to her new job.

I ended up holding some of her non essentials or doubles.

Tomorrow, I will be going to pick up her new tool chest and deliver it down to their shop in northern Kentucky.

Editing is my Biggest Friction Area.

It’s also an area I’m extremely interested in.

Blender is the most powerful content creation tool available to us in my opinion.

I have scheduled twenty hours per week for myself for learning and honing my Blender skills with the goal of learning the full power of creating content content with it.

NextCloud Reinstall On @DiggnDeeper

I had the good fortune of chatting with @innerwebbp about the WordPress Web3 Syndication Plugin and we wanted to be able to trade some files and do some collaborative document editing. We can certainly use Google Docs, but in the essence of open source and decentralization, I suggested that I give him an account on my NextCloud hub at

Well, I need to do some fix’n. So, that is what I will start on as soon as this article is published.

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