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My son wanted to join Hive!

Yesterday, when I got home from shoeing horses, I was toast. It was in the mid nineties, high humidity and full of sun and bugs. More outdoor stuff was out of the question for me, so I settled into working on some websites and Hive stuff.

I’m always going on about Hive now and have gone on about Steem when that was a thing, so everyone in this house certainly knows about it. No one ever seems interested in getting into it, though. They hear what I have to say, they seem to think it sounds great, but dismiss it as just another thing their geeky crypto-anarchist dad does.

Well, much to my surprise, my son Will decided to join in and give it a try.

I set him up through Peakd, which went really well. I did notice that there wasn’t any delegation like Steemit did/ does, so I gave him a good 1k delegation to work with. I also showed him the ropes a bit about how to find the content he is interested in a how voting works.

The only other thing I showed him so far is the super useful is vote.hive.

So, we have a new upstart! I hope you stop by and say hello to my son, @william-gregory.