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Old content will be coming.


They are a part of my life. They have been for a while now, but besides just capturing and storing, I haven’t really done much of anything with all that content. It has been piling up for a at least a few years now.

I have stacks of external drives that are full of content I have never cut up and done anything with. It just sits there, waiting. Now that I’m in the groove, I figured that at least once or twice a week, I’ll go through them and make something out of that old stuff too. This way, once the content is up on LBRY and the blog is on Hive, I don’t actually have to store it on my drives anymore. Once my drives are empty, I can reuse them for new projects.

I have so many ideas. I always have so many ideas.


My media is a mix of, @flyinghigher and farm stuff. I haven’t created a farm account yet – need to get to that. There is a bunch of family stuff too, but I’ll keep that out, unless its relevant to the other subjects. My original plan has always been to create content for by going around and producing content our amazing open source and other open minded folks are out there doing for us. Alas, that has never happened even though I have collected the most amazing content creation tools available and they all pretty much fit in a beautifully designed back pack.

I’ll go on about my gear sometime, but the point is that I have all the tools and no excuses for creating more and better content. That being said, though I do have a fine collection of those media tools and a fairly decent education on using them, I could use a LOT more practice. So could Will. I mean, I have to cut him a bit of slack for only being a kid, but if we could keep getting a bit better every day with just what tools and knowledge we have, I think we could make some nice stuff.