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Parametric Modeling in Blender is My Next Mission.

There is scant extra time in my life these days, but I must get a handle on CAD style skills, and I really want to use Blender.

I’m in luck!

Blender has CAD-like plugin that is intended to create precision parametric modeling. This has huge implementations for me and maybe with the Open Source Ecology (OSE) project. Until now, the project has been using the buggy FreeCAD and their application of choice.

LBRY has a creator called @makertales with an excellent series on using the plugin. I’m going to spend the next week of so going over that series and try to get some pieces made on my 3D printer.

One of my latest thoughts is that if I can model parts for the four-wheelers, we can make some pretty cool hybrids. You want the coolest engine on the best frame with the best A-arms with the best calipers? If I can model it, we can mill it. Even if I can’t mill it here at the shop, I can have someone like ProtoLabs do it with a crazy quick turn around.

Speaking of ProtoLabs, they have a great section I started to go over and I will study that thoroughly as well.

Just those two home work assignments should help a ton in my parametric modeling.