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Shoulder Pain & GoPro Hero 11 Black & Mini Launch

It was a night and a morning of pain, so I ended up going to the chiro and hearing that I am way out of alignment and old, lol. My body is showing its age.

No shoeing horses today.

Of course, the rest of the week is pretty full of horses that really need done, but wow this shoulder is in real pain. Gonna have to take it a bit easy for a few days. Luckily, I have no end to the content that needs some creating.

I’ve been Really Anticipating this Hero 11 drop.

It’s finally here. Well, THEY are finally here. There are two cameras announced this time and I’m actually most interested in the Hero 11 mini.

I have been really hoping for a new Session type camera to re-appear from GoPro and well, that sort of happend. This new GoPro Mini looks great. I really want to try it out.

osmo action 3 dropped too

Using the Osmo Action 3 along with the DJI wireless mics is pretty compelling. I’m definitely going to be looking more into this for the new Flying-Higher self and team documentary project (that title needs work, lol).

Both of these brands sound like they have much improved battery and color. The Osmo 3 might be leading pretty solid on its audio improvements, though. Its does look possible to use the DJI wireless mics with the GoPro Media Mod, but its janky.

Overall, I think this was a great day for people like me that really like this sort of setup. These are great for #DIY ers looking to vlog and document their projects and such.

DJI also has a nice battery pack, but I have a very nice one for the GoPro too. It’s another brand, but I really like it a lot. One of these full of batteries is enough to keep a camera rolling. It’s a must for extended and multi-camera content capture.

Yamaha Grizzly Oil Change Kit on Amazon came in today

Looks like a neat package for the price. I’ll pull the quad in here soon, but I’m really busy with other projects atm. I’ll get into that here shortly. I’ve been stacking up parts for the Grizzly so we can get it back in shape.

Customizing the ‘Ol Mr. Gregory’s Visions Discord

I had the long overdue epiphany where I realize that I should include my other brand’s activities on my Ol’ Mr. Gregory’s Visions Discord channel. I use the channel as my personal bookmarking project these days. It’s on all my devices and I can organize links or notes for my steelbak project and now my other ones such as my Farrier Services, Flying-Higher and DiggnDeeper. Now that I’m working on publishing on all my channels again, I realized it would make sense to add those so I can keep better track of stuff.

I keep thinking that I will switch to the NextCloud hub we have, but the reality is that Discord is still the easiest. I’ll probably be talking a lot more about this on my Flying-Higher content creation, management and marketing channel.

Flying-Higher Project: Using Action Cameras for documenting.

One of my biggest interests has long been the idea of creating a complete and updated guide on what it takes to do personal and/or team style documentary filming so that everyone can do it. We can create content using these little things and full load out is accessible and very high quality these days.

Its an amazing time to be alive.

#Hive thought?

What about creating a #WordPress and #Nextcloud plugin where access to certain content such as Premium Content or Educational Content or Memberships can be controlled and use Hive? Maybe even allow access if a delegation is set. Lots of interesting options, but can this be a possibility?

It’s certainly something worth digging into.

Anyway, I’ve put some time into the wp-plugin today. More on that in a week or so.