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Wiring Packout

Its just a drawer right now, but its growing. Pretty close to the limit on this drawer. I keep investing. Eventually, this will be a packout and maybe separate automotive and household unites. We’ll see.

Dust off

Sept 8th. I made the decision. Content creation and open DYI is now my career. Shoeing horses is nearly over. Until then, it is still content and I have years of unedited stuff on drives also. I have been thinking… Read More »Dust off

Can I Even Do it?

It is time for a real change. Honestly, it has been time for quite a while, but it is now becoming a bit of an emergency. My day job is literally dying before my eyes and I really need to… Read More »Can I Even Do it?

04-05-22: New Car

Here I am at 5am with my coffee and my computer, but still have a cold. Not bad or anything, but its certainly not likely to be a world beater of a day. Plus its raining, so I won’t be… Read More »04-05-22: New Car