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06/20/23: LT250R update

Should be running, but isn’t. The wiring harness should be golden, but its time to take it apart to document and test for production anyway. I ordered a new seat cover from Amazon. (affiliate link) Now its time to go… Read More »06/20/23: LT250R update

The Rig

The Rig, a 2014 F 350 Powerstroke, is more than just a vehicle. It’s a seasoned and trained professional on a mission, a grey man blending into the background while getting the job done. Equipped with the finest selection of… Read More »The Rig

Steelbak Logo

Focus On Growth And Brand

I am Scott Gregory and Steelbak is my personal DIY blog with the intent to create open source DIY specific content for entertainment and education. This is also my personal channel where I show how I’m using Farrier Services (day… Read More »Focus On Growth And Brand