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“The Great Survey” is In Progress & OBS is Working.

The Great Survey

This is what I’m calling the extensive list of DIY projects I need to accomplish on this property and with our vehicles and machines and … life.

We have been on this property for about 12 years now and haven’t really done much to the house itself. We have put plenty into the land, but the house was fairly new when we bought it so it really hasn’t needed much, but now it does.

I’ve been working on this list for a long time and put a lot of thought into it, but now I’m finally (since I decided to be a professional content creator) putting things together to create a series that will last until it is done. It will certainly be a ton of content and I’m really wondering how long it will take.

Drone shot

Expect this to be ready to publish and start probably by Monday.

I Spent Three Days on Clearing Brush

Ok, I have actually started a couple of the items.

Clearing this brush is one of the items on my Great Survey List and I wanted to do it now while the weather is so nice. It is also somewhat time sensitive because the local government wants to come nose around and “inspect” our septic and part of this needs done before they show up any day now.

That is roughed out good enough that now I can spend another day or so on cleaning the exterior of the house. The only issue with cleaning the exterior is that we live on a cistern and therefore have limited water, especially going into the weekend when delivery is more difficult to get.

We’ll figure it out.

Speaking of the cistern, that needs attention also.

This work has slowed my content publishing down a lot while I was doing that, but I’ll take it as another lesson solidified: If this is my full time gig, excuses like other work needing done isn’t a real excuse. I will do better. That said, I did diligently keep recording and I can use that content as I progress toward The Great Survey.

OBS Is Working

OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) is a very popular open source desktop streaming and recording software.

This is a project I have wanted to accomplish for all of my channels. I want to use it for Flying Higher to record my video editing process using Linux and Blender. I’m using my farrier content to practice on and sometime soon it looks like I can start producing screen casts.

The Steelbak recordings will be using Blender to create models and animations for machine and product designs and such.

I’m also thinking about maybe doing something similar for Farrier Services because privacy concerns prevent me from doing tons of interesting content and I think I can fill the holes with models and animations. Maybe I could just use Blender to create models and animations in combination with real footage to create good content. Definitely something to think about.

More About Branding

Within the last couple of days, I have reached out to a few branding pros to get a logo and brand design done for Steelbak. This is a good point to get that done as I have been working on defining this brand as much as I can and I think it is at a good point now that I need a professional to really make it right. There isn’t much of an audience yet either, so changing (from basically nothing) isn’t a problem right now.

I expect to be done with this in a week or two and I’m definitely excited to have some clarity and assets to go forward with in creating this new brand.

Pressing Project Of The Day

Our Kabota ZD331 is always having fuel filter issues lately. There are clearly some contaminants in the fuel tanks or somewhere. I seem to have to replace the filters all the time in the last year or two.

Once the mowing season is done, I plan to get the tanks off and go through the system as thoroughly as possible. There is actually a lot more than that to do. It’s ready for a fairly extensive overhaul. Again, we’ll get into that this winter when I’m not needing the machine.