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The “Brand” category serves as a comprehensive guide to our multi-brand content creation business. It’s a repository of key documents and strategies that shape our brands – Steelbak, Flying-Higher, DiggnDeeper, and Farrier Services. This category includes our brand strategies, audience avatars, marketing plans, and narratives that tie our brands together.

You’ll find this category to be a valuable resource for understanding the direction and ethos of our brands. It provides a clear picture of our target audience, their needs, and how we aim to meet them.

For The Guild and our AI assistant, this category serves as a reference point for understanding the brands they are working with. It provides the necessary context and guidance to ensure that all actions and decisions align with our brand values and goals.

In essence, the “Brand” category is the backbone of our business, providing the necessary insights and strategies to drive our brands forward.

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Content Codex

August 13, 2023 Multi-Brand Content Creation Concept Guide Introduction We are not just DIY contributors and content creators; we are advocates and architects for a more open, decentralized and just world. #WeHaveTheTools This tagline and hashtag are a unifying thread… Read More »Content Codex

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Scheduling Guide

Welcome to this early phase of Steelbak’s development. As the lead of this multi-brand content creation endeavor, I’m currently focusing on finalizing the key documents that will guide our team. These documents are crucial, providing clear direction and ensuring that… Read More »Scheduling Guide

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Tone & Story Guide

This article serves as a Tone and Story Guide for the Multi-Brand Content Creation Concept Business (Content Codex) Introduction In the greater Cincinnati area of southwestern Ohio, a transformation is taking place. I’m Scott Gregory, a seasoned farrier, is starting… Read More »Tone & Story Guide

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Marketing Strategy

This article is an extension of our Multi-Brand Content Creation Concept Guide Who do we help and how do we help them? As a multi-brand content creator, we help a diverse range of individuals who share a common interest in… Read More »Marketing Strategy

The Guild

The Multibrand Content Creation Guild In the realm of content creation, it’s often said that it takes a village to create something truly exceptional. At Steelbak, we wholeheartedly subscribe to this sentiment. That’s why we’ve assembled our own “village” of… Read More »The Guild