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Focus On Growth And Brand

I am Scott Gregory and Steelbak is my personal DIY blog with the intent to create open source DIY specific content for entertainment and education. This is also my personal channel where I show how I’m using Farrier Services (day… Read More »Focus On Growth And Brand


Shoeing at Chili’s My absolute favorite barn. I’ve been shoeing horses here since the mid nineties. I only had four trims here this morning, so it was a very light and pleasant morning. All the horses here are particularly well… Read More »10/27/20

09/30/20: Stuff and things.

This whole reboot of has already derailed my progress with the Precision Modeling Series I said I was going to do. Not a big deal, I’ll get time Friday and more upcoming. It’s always something, lol. At least this… Read More »09/30/20: Stuff and things.