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04.06-07.22: Wet.

The lackawanna was strong this morning. My 5am coffee and computer time was met with a new companion; my Buddy propane heater and he just kept whispering for me to stay right where I was. It was all I could… Read More »04.06-07.22: Wet.

04-05-22: New Car

Here I am at 5am with my coffee and my computer, but still have a cold. Not bad or anything, but its certainly not likely to be a world beater of a day. Plus its raining, so I won’t be… Read More »04-05-22: New Car

The Shop

Believe it or not, this little space has come a long way. -> Will post about that soon. The goal is to continue to build out a fully functioning DIY homesteading, mechanic and custom fabrication shop. We will participate in… Read More »The Shop

03-23-22: Just another Day

I really need to get this Raspberry Pi doing something… It’s part of the 3D printer build, intended to be used as a documentation and production machine to run the printer. Another typical filthy spring day of horse shoeing. These… Read More »03-23-22: Just another Day

04-21-21: What a day.

I mean seriously, what the fuck is this shit? It’s April 21st in southern Ohio. Yesterday was sunny and in the upper 60’s and this is what we get today. The two or three or so inches of snow was… Read More »04-21-21: What a day.